Sunday, December 28, 2008

Been a week!

How do people do this every day? I have to admit, computer problems have kept me a little busy, along with celebrating the holidays ... and there will most likely be more setbacks in the weeks to come. We are expecting a new grandson on January 2nd! Luke Alexander will be delivered via C-section next Friday! Unless Mommy goes into an early labor ... Luke is in the breech position, and my daughter has done everything possible (moxie sticks, chiropractic, handstands in the pool, acupuncture, you name it!) to get the little stinker to flip, but he's not having any of it. She was scheduled for an inversion last week, but the doctor decided against it because he's (a) too big, and (b) there weren't enough "pockets" of amniotic fluid to move him around in there. So, unless he flips into the right position before she has the section ... I guess that's the way he is making his entrance. Our daughter was so upset - had a midwife, doula, all of that ... but keeping baby and mommy healthy and safe is the most important thing.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

So I've been busy ...

Reading OTHER people's blogs, that is! There are so many interesting people out there that I completely forgot about posting anything on my own blog. I check it once in awhile to see if anyone is "following" my blog ... I guess I'm just not followable! Of course, to be honest, what I have put on here isn't that exciting - I probably wouldn't follow it myself ... I'll get better as time goes on.

Today is a day for wrapping up the last of the gifts - and spending the rest of the day in the kitchen. Doing the traditional sugar cookies, peanut butter balls, all the stuff my kids like and I end up eating the most of!

It is snowing ... again. I love this time of the day ... normally, the walkers would be out in full force, but this morning the weather has convinced them all to pull that blanket over their heads again and snuggle in ...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Okay, so since I have now learned how to post photos,
I am going to add more Guki the Moonboy pics.
He thinks he's a human...

That squirrel had better scoot once I get someone to open the door! I know you all are dying for a close up of my gorgeous face ...

Was I lying?
Another day, another blog lesson ((sigh)) ... Wondering if I will ever get the hang of this. Today, I actually added some blogs to FOLLOW! Maybe I will learn something from the experts. I love Kim's art from endless possibilities ... and Pam's blog from Sidewalk Shoes looks great, too. Mmm that Butternut Squash Puree looks inviting! Truth be told, I will probably be so busy reading the other blogs that I will neglect to write another thing. Still working on it, and thinking on it. More later!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My first blog! Since I really know very little about this entire process, I am going to "save the good stuff" (if there is any good stuff) for later.