Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby Luke is growing up

Little Luke Sweetcheeks.
He is totally mesmerized by Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli ...
(watches the entire Christmas special over and over - it's like a sedative)

Loves playing outside in the snow ...

has more teeth to show off ...

... and insists on being the center of attention :)
(deservedly so!)

Luke celebrated his 1st birthday on December 30th, and it seems as if this year has FLOWN by. He is such a cutie, and what a personality. The boy is into food. We have yet to find a food he doesn't like. He's also continuing to nurse, and has no intention of giving it up. Toby (his Mommy, my daughter) recently took the boys for an overnight to an indoor water park ... where Lukie saw lots of women in bathing suits ~ and was staring ... and making this face ... a lot.

This is the face Luke makes when he wants to nurse
(picture the cheeks going like crazy!)

Which reminded me of a photo I saw recently online ...

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paper Love

Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE paper?
I think it started when I was a child and would go to the 5 and 10 ¢ store with my grandmother. She got her hairnets there ... the old fashioned kind that elderly women used to wear. And stockings. The kind you wore with a garter belt, or in my grandmother's case, a girdle. Like the one below.
Wow - those days are gone.

Anyway, in that store I would always wander over to the stationery section of the store. And if I had any extra money, I would come home with some type of paper product. I especially liked the 'rent receipt' pads with the carbon (for duplicate) paper between the forms. I know - weird kid.

Needless to say, this fascination with paper has remained. And so, when the Jakester took me to Xpedx this week, I got the most wonderful linen cardstock and envelopes! I still cannot believe that I spent $65 on paper ~ when I stop to think of what $2 would have gotten me in the old 5 and 10 ¢ store!

But here it is ... and I'm not sorry :) I have had a few orders for cards lately, and Xpedx has the best paper (and I do mean THE BEST) I have found anywhere.

It fits in pretty nicely, but I will have to "jazz up" the wrappers a little bit. The envelopes used to come in these pink boxes ~ might have to work on the color scheme again, huh?

I have also included a closeup of the selection. Still that weird kid!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A much needed break

It's been a GOOD week. No school and I decided before the break to commit to NOTHING. That was a good choice :) I'm feeling refreshed and more like the "old" (no pun intended) me.
The Jakester and I took yesterday off (I cannot seem to get him away from eBay auctions this week) and caught up on lots of errand running. I finally FINALLY found a card reader for my Fuji camera (after two very disappointing eBay attempts) ... ironically, I found a camera I like SO much better than the one (oops! three) I now have. May just have to dip into the fun fund for that ...
Spent Monday at Barnes and Noble with my daughter - very relaxing day - bought three books (one for Michael, of course - he LOVES to read, and I love that he does!) and two for me. Got in bed early Monday night with my new book, and the book seemed SO familiar. Duh - I read it last year. Oh well - I liked it the first time, so read it again.

Now on to the next one - Clapton - An Autobiography.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another weekend

Another weekend, and here I sit. I need to get OUT of my pajamas and back into life. Jake keeps asking me what I want to DO. But I seriously do not know what I want to do. I mean, there's plenty to do ... but nothing seems to make me happy. I don't know how to make that happen.

Is this depression? Hmmm. Could be. And how do I get out of it?